Submit a Case Study

Submit a case study presentation for the 2018 Global SAFe Summit

Know a great SAFe success story? If so, Scaled Agile is looking for speakers to present stories of SAFe implementation journeys and how enterprises and government agencies work through the challenges that come from organizational transformation. Submit your presentation proposal by completing our case study questionnaire. If you have documents, PowerPoint, or videos that support your story, please attach any supplementary material or provide urls of relevant videos.

5/25/18: Case study presentation submission period ends
6/15/18: Notifications of acceptance or rejection (earlier in some cases)
9/12/18: Event-ready slide presentation provided by speaker

Before you start – learn about what we’re looking for in a case study presentation:

Mature implementations

– We look for implementations that have reached a certain maturity level, ideally with multiple Agile Release Trains in progress, and well documented results and details describing how the organization met challenges, and incrementally improved and expanded their practice of SAFe.

The role of training and certification

– How did you prepare your leaders and workforce for the new way of working? Which roles received training? Do support continuous learning in your organization? If so, how?

How the organization tackled transformation challenges

– A candid story about real challenges is most beneficial to the Summit audience. From how you gained buy-in to PI Planning, to learnings, overcoming resistance, and transforming culture; every milestone and learning counts.

Well documented results

– Most importantly, we look for specific business results, which may include time-to-market, productivity, quality, employee engagement, or any other metric you’ve captured that would be useful to the Summit audience.

What makes your implementation unique?

– To tighten the focus of your story, we’re looking for what makes your implementation unique. Are you in a combined software/hardware environment? Did you apply SAFe in areas such as DevOps, Lean-Agile Budgeting, or Agile HR? Did you use SAFe to comply with regulatory standards? Are you a government agency trying to change deeply entrenched attitudes and behaviors? Have you come up with a unique way to get your teams and leaders motivated and engaged in SAFe?